Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Monument National Park Utah

Sipapu Bridge

My painting of Sipapu Bridge was done from photo references. While I have not visited the park, I hope to see this in person one day.
Sipapu Bridge is the second largest natural bridge in the world. Its rounded opening and smooth sides are mute evidence of countless floods bearing scouring rocks and sand. I was intrigued by the beautiful colors in the rock, especially the way the warm tones contrast with the blue skies. This painting measures 6x8” and is currently on display at the MD Garage in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
This bridge, whose opening would almost house the dome of the United States Capitol, has taken thousands of years to form but will someday collapse and erode as part of the endless cycles of time and change.Sipapu means "the place of emergence," In Hopi mythology, a “sipapu” is a gateway through which souls may pass to the spirit world.
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