Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Little This, A Little That

  • When I have time I like to surf the net looking at other artists websites. There is an amazing amount of talent to be found. Today I discovered an artist who paints abstracts and figures and landscapes. Mark E. Mehaffey is well accomplished and nationally known. I was happy to see that he has published a book – which is on my wish list already. Check out his work at

  • This summer, NYC is installing a handful of giant, 120-foot-tall waterfalls in the East River and under the Brooklyn Bridge. This shot of the Brooklyn Bridge waterfall in action was taken by photographer Vincent Laforet The waterfalls will be up for the next couple months, so be sure to walk across the Manhattan bridge and check them out if you're in town this summer. While it looks great in this photo, I'm not as entranced by the sideviews or some of the other locations. I think seeing the metal framework detracts from the spectacle. I also miss the backdrop of rocks and trees that a natural waterfall offers.
  • While browsing in the library I came across "American Photobooth" a celebration of the classic photography booth. It will bring back memories of squeezing into a photobooth with your friends and making silly faces for the camera. See it here: Be sure to follow the link and see the NY Times Video. I was surprised to learn that the new digital booth in Times Square will screen your pics outside on a jumbo screen at the top of the building.

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