Friday, July 4, 2008

The Matador and the Bull

I saw the movie "Modigliani" this weekend and was entranced by the performances and the quality of the film. Andy Garcia gives us a superb performance in the starring role as Modigliani.

The relationship between Amedeo Modigliani and Pablo Picasso was steeped in insecurity, jealousy and admiration. As giants of an equal caliber each respected the others talent and both bowed before Renoir.[ My favorite line was when Renoir was asked how much his estate cost…he smiled and said “just two paintings.”]

I think it is impossible to create in a vacuum. The rivalry between these two men sharpened their creative talents and spurred them on to excel. I recommend the film with two thumbs up.

While the paintings in the film were created for the film ( I so wanted them to be real) there is a painting by Modigliani of Picasso.

Amedeo Modigliani. Portrait of Pablo Picasso. 1915. Oil on cardboard. 34.5 x 26.5 cm. Private collection.


Anonymous said...

Modigliani is the best movie I have seen in years. It is a pity that not so many people saw it. Andy Garcia is brilliant in this movie and so as the rest of the cast.

Kathleen said...

Another good movie, with the plot line swirling about a famous artist is "Goya's Ghosts".