Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Morning

I joined up with the Satruday Morning painters today for my first plein aire session. We decided to set up on the porch of the Canal Boat Museum.

It was a very hot and humid morning and the shade on the porch was welcome. We got started a little after 9:00 am and picked our views. There is a cluster of small buildings across the street - a house, a shed and the red 'money barn'. It earned this name when a park maintenance worker stumbled across the stash while restoring the rickety old barn. I have heard that it was $35,000 in cash buried in the foundation stones.

There was a good bit of glare and some challenging reflections off the shed roof. Combine this with the little gnats that wanted to embed themselves in the wet paint and I had my hands full! The new easel was great, every time I set it up I get a little more proficient. by 11:00 I had 95% of the 8x8"painting complete - just some finishing details to see to when I got home. A short break, some scouting to find a new subject and it was back to work. This time a small 6x8 of the field and shed across the street, behind the Trail Mix Store.

All in all a great morning out. The best part was having the opportunity to chat with all the nice people who stopped by.

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