Friday, January 16, 2009


Cold. That sums it up. This morning, at 10:00Am it was -9 degrees. I had to bring all the soda in from the garage - I had Coke Slurpies in the making. During the wee hours it had dropped to -13, and now at 1:30 we've moved up to -1 ... So what else is there to do but paint cold and snow?

Here's an ACEO of cold Lake Erie.

One good thing about this cold is once the lake is frozen we wont be getting all that Lake Effect snow.

and here is the snow.... typical everyday sight!


Nancy and the fatties said...

I LOVE the snowplow painting. holy cow Kathleen, you guys are chilly up there. I will mail you some of this balmy tropical 42 degree Texas weather right away...*licking stamp and sealing envelope*

Carole Baker said...

I've enjoyed looking at your paintings. I love your snow scenes.