Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Left Foot

Not the movie but the appendage. Its slowing me down right now. Enough that I went to a doctor who told me there is a lot of inflammation around the second metatarsal and steroids and RICE are the treatments of choice. I also have to tape the toe! Avoiding surgery is the ultimate goal. So, I will do as I am told. I'll start the steroid regime tomorrow and ice it 3x a day. No treadmill. Elevate. Tape the tootsie.

I am at work and will definitely go to the art opening Friday night. (See previous post) All this sitting around will give me time to sketch more. Look what Paris Bordon did in 1530

His highlights are where it hurts! Maybe he suffered the same thing?


Peg529 said...

Hey Scorpio! This is the same area that has been plaguing Daniela for some time you also have pain sometimes when you land your double back handspring??
: )

Kathleen said...

Genetics!? but I dont have any trouble sticking my double back handspring - on the days that I can get off the bench ;-)