Monday, June 2, 2008


Cleveland Zoo

I had a great day visiting the Cleveland Zoo with my grandsons. Their favorite thing at the zoo is to visit the 'Ellies', maybe even have lunch near their house. You can also enjoy the famous Schreckengost sulptures of the elephants.

Viktor Schreckengost was a Cleveland artist, teacher and industrial designer who was credited with producing the cab-over-engine design for trucks and buses that allows for greater towing length and a tighter turning radius. The little red metal wagons that so many children use were also Schreckengost's brainchild.

His beloved giant sculptures of elephants at the Pachyderm Building of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo are shown in the following link:

Here's my 16 x 20" version of "Ellie"


Peggy said...

Do you remember the day we all took Ben and Matt to the Bronx Zoo and Dad locked the keys in the car!?!

Kathleen said...

I sure do! And I have the photos too! Link to blog for June 22 to see~