Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bronx Zoo Adventure

Back on Monday, June 2, 2008 I posted about my trip to the Cleveland Zoo under the title: "Ellies"
...and my sister Peggy reminded me about a trip we made to the Bronx Zoo on Easter Saturday 1983. The reason for the visit was to show my sons the exhibits at the children's zoo which my Dad had built. Dad was a carpenter in NYC for 40 years and worked on many famous projects but his work creating the artificial tree which houses the slide was by far, our favorite.

(Bronx Zoo - Dad's tree is the one with the big knothole)

The trip was even more memorable because when we got to the Zoo we accidentally left the car keys in the ignition and locked ourselves out! This was NOT a happy moment. But with the help of one of NYC's finest we got the car open.

Rather than be of help, I took photos of the event. In posting them today I was devastated to discover that the photo of the policeman with his lock opening tool is missing!

In the photo on the left you can see how happy and relieved we were!

And 22 years later more grandchildren visited the tree and the big bird's net:


BGE said...

How wonderful to have a father who built such a wonderful tree for all kids of all ages to enjoy.

Peggy said...

I must say - that happy picture may have been taken before we realized the keys were locked inside...that's not how I remember Mom & Dad looking!!!