Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blogger Award

Thank you very much to Claire Beadon Carnell for including me in her selection of art bloggers for this award. Please go check out her blog and the other recipients of the award!

I am going to pass this award along to seven other artists for their impressive art blogs.
Also, here are 7 things about me that you might be interested to know:

1. I love ketchup and passed this love on to my children and grandchildren. Yes, even on scrambled eggs.

2. This was a two baby year - two new grandchildren! A boy in April and a girl in August.

3. I am hooked on playing FarmTown on Facebook.

4. This year I started making jewelry.

5. I love to buy pottery but I've never tried to do it myself.

6. Currently my favorite tv show is "MadMen"

7. Come be my Facebook friend and I'll tell you one more ;-)

Here are 7 people whom I think really deserve this award - please check out their great blogs:

1. Bill Guffy for his innovative blog The Virtual Paintout Bill combined a love for plein air painting with the newest technology of Google to bring us a whole new concept in painting.

2. Tj Lev - an artist I recently found who maintains a fun, interesting blog

3. Deb Keirce a multi-talented artist, internet friend and winner of the Six-degrees of separation award!

4. Paulo J Mendes dedicated artist and master of networking

5. Terry Banderas who does wonderful fun pen and ink work

6. Jill Berry a prolific plein air painter who inspires me to just go do it!

7. Jean Levert Hood the most energetic and talented Texas artist I have ever seen!!


DEB said...

Kathleen! Thank you so much! I'm so honored!!!!

Jean Levert Hood said...

Thank you so much, Kathleen! I'm honored to be in the list with these other blogs! I'm going to check them out now.
Best to you!

Jill Berry said...

Thanks Kathleen for recommending my blog and for promoting goodwill in the blogosphere.
I'm glad I got dressed up in something new today before meeting some of your other friends...
I'm going to go mingle...

Tj Lev said...

Oh my gosh Kathleen! Thank you so much! That is very nice, and appreciated! I'll have to check out the others, and think of who I'll pay it forward to!! Be well, Tj.

AutumnLeaves said...

Your love of ketchup makes me smile. I like it on fried egg sandwiches and french fries. The rest of my siblings, however, use it on everything!

Kathleen Harrington Paints said...

Deb - you deserve every bit of it!
Jean- thank you for all your inspiration!
Jill - you look marvelous ;-)- as do your paintings!
Tj - thank you- looking forward to your list.
Autumn Leaves - we'll have to do breakfast !