Monday, July 13, 2009

ACEO on Stretched Canvas

"Mountain Stream"
I'm excited about using mini gallery wrapped stretched canvas for my ebay ACEO auctions. They have a nice 'finished' look to them and look great on an easel...

The back is clean and neat and looks like this:


"Pecan Trees"


This one is not on ebay - its for the next show at the MD Garage which has a winter theme ~


Karen said...

Kathleen the paintings look great! And I really like the way you've painted around the edges.

AutumnLeaves said...

I also like the way you extended the scene onto the sides! So pretty! I have a question though...I thought ACEO were 'art cards'? Therefore, I thought all ACEO's were prints from a painting or drawing. You actually sell your originals? Truly, I am curious. At any rate, these paintings are all gorgeous. I honestly couldn't pick one of the other as I loved them all equally!

DEB said...

Pretty little paintings!

Jill Berry said...

Nice work!
And you are being quite informative over here.
Surprise, I award you the siserhood metal (Bella Sinclair).
Stop by...