Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chicago Rainy Day


A big thanks to Ms J for suggesting I paint a rainy day scene.
I have visited Chicago only once but it made a big impression on me. I love having the river in the middle of town. Bridges are always romantic and evocative. So I decided to combine those elements in one tiny ACEO

Misty Morning

And while in a foggy mood I painted this ACEO of an early morning kind of mist on a pond.
In a kind of 'paint it and it shall happen' way this all brought on some much needed rain in real life.
Wouldn't THAT be a great super power for an artist to have?


Jill Berry said...

Very nice, moody work and creative thinking over here today.

Caroled said...

I really envy the artists that can put so much in such a little space. Love these misty scenes.

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

I love the Chicago piece! To create a painting with so little value shift yet so effective amazes's really great!