Sunday, May 17, 2009

Art Show in Richfield

Frank Geric and I are doing an art show at the United Church of Christ, 4340 Streetsboro Rd, Richfield Oh.
We hung the show yesterday. Frank and I each brought about 2 dozen paintings and were really pleased with the result.
The church is planning an opening reception to meet the artists - we'll have the date and time soon and I'll let you know.


DEB said...

This looks great! I hope the show does fantastic for you!!!

Jill Berry said...

Enjoyed the slide show. I was just wondering about how to post alot of pics on one post today. Thanks.
Congrats on the Big Show! That's a lot of work to get ready.

Kathleen Harrington Paints said...

Thanks Deb!
Jill - these are hosted on Photobucket. You can also do slide shows on Picassa.

Elizabeth McCrindle said...

Good luck with your show

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Good luck with your show, wish I could join you!