Saturday, December 6, 2008

Winnie, Birds and Boots

It was a nice Saturday - relaxing and fun. The family all went to see a local production of Winner the Pooh - A Christmas Tail (reference Eeyore's tail). In this photo Pooh and Eyeore share a post-production chat. Its a small theater of professional actors - we're lucky to have it in our community.

I brought out the oil pastels this afternoon and did this piece. I forgott how much fun they can be to use.
In the meantime an Alberta Clipper came to town and it's cold.... in the low 20's and icy and snowy. We cancelled a trip to Cleveland and decided to stay in and stay warm! The backyard birds didnt have that luxury!


dominique eichi said...

Nice boots, great color. Good job done with oil pastels I always had a hard time with them.

Kathleen said...

Thank you! You should have seen my fingers when I was done!! every color rubbed in... took a while to get it all off!