Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ohio Collage Show

Here we are enjoying the fantastic 2nd Annual Ohio Collage Society Show in Mansfield, Ohio.


Shirley Ende-Saxe said...

Dang! You beat me! I'm working on a blog dedicated only to OCS this morning but don't have all the info I need.

Your work (and blog) are lovely!

Cheers, Shirley

Cyndi L said...

What a beautiful piece, and a gorgeous spot to show it! Hope you had a blast at the show :-)

Lou McCulloch said...

Wish I could have come to the reception, but had out of town guests. Glad to be apart of it, though! ~Lou McCulloch

Kathleen said...

Hi Shirley!
The show was beautiful - you did a great job putting it all together. Let me know when that blog is ready.

Kathleen said...

Thanks! I really enjoyed your blog - great photos for texture too.

Kathleen said...

Hi Lou,
Hope you will be able to get down there to see it. Great art in a fantastic setting!