Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Hundred Flowers Ohio Collage Show

"Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom"
11 x 14"
I'm excited about the Oho Collage Society Show that opens this Sunday in Mansfield. This is one of my entries in the show.
The title refers to a brief time in Chinese history when Chairman Mao encouraged different and competing ideologies to voice their opinions about the issues of the day. Unfortunately the result of the Hundred Flowers Campaign was the persecution of intellectuals, officials, students, artists and dissidents in the ensuing years.
My collage includes hand painted paper and appropriately joss paper. Joss paper is burned in traditional Chinese funerals, to ensure that spirit of the deceased has lots of good things in their afterlife.


The Ohio Collage Society, local affiliate of the National Collage Society
marks it's 1st anniversary by sponsoring the 2nd annual Member's Show at
Mansfield Art Center in Mansfield , Ohio. Opening ceremonies will take place
on Sunday September 21 at 2 PM and the exhibit runs through October 26.

Rebecca Langley, curator of the Pearl Conrad Gallery at the Ohio State
Extension Campus, will be the awards judge for this invitational exhibition.
The show will include 2 and 3-dimensional work using a variety of collage

The Mansfield Art Center is open Tuesday - Saturday from 11-5 and Sunday
12-5. For more information on the exhibit call the Mansfield Art Center at
419 756 1700. For information on the Ohio Collage Society email


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Thank you! I need to do more using this joss paper. Its great to work with.