Thursday, August 21, 2008

TC Steele House of Singing Winds

My ACEO of the TC Steele  house in Indiana. 2.5 x 3.5"

Indiana artist Theodore Clement Steele (1847-1926) was born in Indiana and studied art in the US and in Germany. He returned to the US in 1885 and opened an art school.
T.C., along with William Forsyth, Otto Stark, John Otis Adams and Richard Gruelle, became known as the “Hoosier Group”. T.C. became the group’s acknowledged leader and often wrote articles on Impressionism for Modern Art. T.C. continued to build his reputation as a modern landscape painter. In 1905, he bought 200 acres in Brown County. He built his studio and home there and called it, “The House of Singing Winds”. Artists from around the country came to visit and to paint with Steele, finding for themselves the area's spectacular beauty.

Today the home is a state historic site. It's website is

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