Monday, August 11, 2008

Paradise Found

Te Faaturuma (Brooding Woman) 1891

In the 2003 film "Paradise Found" we have a bio-pic of Paul Gauguin, the artist as mis-understood genius. In this movie we get a glimpse of the human struggle to follow a passion. I don’t know if its historically accurate and the screenplay is a bit slow moving but its visually pleasing and Keifer Sutherland gives us a strong performance. Of course, I would have liked to see more of Gauguin's paintings.
Gauguin considered "Brooding Woman" among his best from the earlier Tahitian stay, and it was eventually acquired by the French Impressionist artist Edgar Degas, who owned a number of works by Gauguin. It is now in the Worcester Art Museum.
The movie has piqued my interest enough to get a copy of Gauguin's journal "Noa, Noa". To see more of Gauguin's work go to:

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