Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Interview on WKSU

WKSU Radio is doing feature stories on the arts in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I. along with fellow artist Nicki Lanzi were asked if we would do an interview with Vivian Goodman while we painted plein air near the Cuyahoga River. Of course we would!
This is also the 100th anniversary of the great flood of the Cuyahoga and Park Ranger  Karen Kopcek was also interviewed: 

We had a beautiful day and I got started right away:
It was very breezy and the river was loud... so loud that we had to re-do parts of the interview.
The interview I did with WKSU radio will be aired tomorrow, May 16th. We received an email from Vivian Goodman saying it will  air once during the noon hour and then again at either 4:50, 5:50 or 6:20.
It will also be on the website,, first thing Thursday morning.

This is the finished painting from that morning:

It is currently entered in an exhibit at the Peninsula Art Academy called Ebb and Flow of the Cuyahoga. The opening reception is Saturday from 5-7 pm.
If you would like to come paint the Cuyahoga there is an open competition next month.... details are here.

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