Friday, July 9, 2010

Summertime is Pandatime

In the words of  Crane from  Kung Fu Panda I'm just doing a little of this; a little of that. I watched the movie with my grandsons last weekend and I'm full of Panda wisdom now.

And as I  wait for Baby Girl Harrington to arrive (grandchild #5) I'm painting some new ACEOs which I haven't done for a while.
One often finds his destiny in the path he takes to avoid it.Master Oogway

Here are some of the new ones I've listed:



Also I have a continuing clearance sale happening on eBay now. 
There's no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness. Po

1 comment:

AutumnLeaves said...

That boat ACEO is just beautiful, Kathleen. Well, actually, all three of them are, but the last rather took my breath away. I think it is the combo of boat and palette. My dream has always been to live on a houseboat, for some odd reason.