Thursday, November 19, 2009

Paintings, Students and Shows

First, the paintings.
These are two new ACEOS I did - a hen and a sheep. The point was to use color in an unexpected way. There's something about that burnt sienna and purple combo that I love. Then, the students~
Last week I was asked by an 8th grade student from the local Montessori school to give an interview about my art and the community. I was a little surprised when I found it that it was an interview to the entire class. But no matter; these kids were so well prepared and asked such insightful questions that I'm sure I gained more than I gave. Their questions resonated and I consider them still while painting. Thank you all!
And shows~
I participated in an online FaceBook based Autumn Painting Challenge. Over 1,000 artists across the world entered their work and the results are being posted here
A big thanks to the three administrators, Sandy Askey-Adams, Jean Levert-Hood, and Nancy Medina for creating this opportunity!


AutumnLeaves said...

Oh my! These are both amazing, Kathleen. I love that hen painting! You do such beautiful work! How nice that the local kids recongize a wonderful artist when they see one!

Jean Levert Hood said...

I love the sheep, Kathleen! What an expressive little piece! I'm always amazed at what is done on these tiny little formats.

The competition was amazing. Thank you, thank you sooo much for supporting it! I think we are all winners!

Kat Farmer said...

that sheep is so cool, a real sweetie...

Michelle said...

Wonderful work! I love your color choices!

Kathleen Harrington Paints said...

Thank you ladies!