Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Plein Air .... Afternoon Day 1

The sun came out and I ventured down the road a bit to a convenient bench that offered a view of the rain swollen Cuyahoga River. The bridge is part of the towpath bike/hike trail. Historically this site has been the center for traffic and trade in Peninsula. I have seen old photos of a covered bridge that was once located here.
The current was very fast and the water all shades of brown and tan. This was one of the times where the experience of being outside painting was a lot better than the finished product. The breeze was cool, the spray refreshing and it was fun to talk with all the visitors who stopped.
But I was painting on board and acrylics dry very fast on that surface....and the increasing sunshine did not help. This painting is 12 x 16"
"Cuyahoga River"

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