Sunday, March 22, 2009

Different Stroles Image

So our challenge this week was to paint this beach scene. the original along with all the entries can be seen here...Click
I'm wokring on my figures.. thats the tough element for me.
I did a 5x7 painting. I'm not too happy with the comp - specifically, I don't like the man looking outward....of course, its my painting, I could have changed it. But thats what people do at the beach, isn't it?


DEB said...

I like your painting Kathleen. I've never mastered the style you use, where the paint just suggests figures and the viewer fills in the details. Every time I try to paint in that style I'm disappointed with the results, but you do it so well!

Karen said...

I need to work on figures too! (scary).
This has a great spatial recession.Love the water.
I wonder if minimizing something as small as how hard the edge of the man's glasses are (the frame) would keep the viewer's attention from going to him, and then possibly out of the painting?

Carol Horzempa said...

I like the loose fresh quality in your painting...great colors too. Wow, I can't believe you did all that on a 5x7...good job!